The Board of Trustees is the academic advisory committee for the management of the collection. It is nominated by the Vice-President for Staff and Resources of the ETH Zürich after consultation with the academic board.



Prof. Dr Philip Ursprung (Chairman)
Professor for History of Art and Architecture, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, ETH Zürich
Dr Roger Fayet
Director of the Swiss Institute for Art Research, Zürich
Prof. Dr Harald Fischer-Tiné
Professor for History of the Modern World, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Political Sciences, Institute of History, ETH Zürich
Dr Manuela Kahn-Rossi
Former Director, Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano
Dr Christian Müller
Former Director of the Print Room, Kunstmuseum Basel
Dr Dominique Radrizzani
Former Director of the Musée Jenisch, Vevey
Giovanni Carmine
President of the Swiss Federal Art Commission
Lisa Ott
Representative of ETH Library
Prof. Dr Tristan Weddigen
Professor for History of Early Modern Art, Institute of Art History, University of Zurich