Whereas collections of prints and drawings were an important, illustrative teaching resource for universities in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, their role has now fundamentally changed—in step with the ubiquitous spread of images and visual communications. These collections have reinvented themselves as centres of expertise for art on paper and are able to engage in activities that extend well beyond the reach of the classical art museum. University art collections today not only inspire and nurture research that feeds into teaching programmes and ripples outwards to the wider community, they also encourage critical thought and provide the foundations for interdisciplinary problem-solving. Collections of this kind interact with the humanities and the sciences alike, entering into a productive dialogue with both that sheds a critical light on the divisions of the past. What are the opportunities that are now emerging from this convergence of art institution and academia? What do others now expect of our Collection of Prints and Drawings?

This symposium to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich will bring together a diverse group of experts in the field, each with his or her own perspective on the Collection of Prints and Drawings within knowledge hubs as the ETH.

Admission free
Registration: T +41 44 632 40 46 / info@gs.ethz.ch

Michael Matile talks with Zilla Leutenegger, artist and Thomas Franc, architect

What is the relationship between a building and an image of it created by its designer? What is it that a designer can tell us in a drawing that the building cannot? Can architecture be understood as a discipline that relies on ideas – about space, culture, or social context – transmitted over generations through such images?

Marius Grootveld and Niall Hobhouse will be speaking about some 30 architectural drawings by architects from many different periods and countries. In their commentary they hope to combine their different perspectives of contemporary practice and criticism, history and the discipline of collecting.

Marius Grootveld is an architect and curator from Gent, Belgium.
Niall Hobhouse is a collector of architectural drawings from Somerset, England.

Opening remarks by Linda Schädler, Graphische Sammlung, ETH Zürich

A public event in the frame of the PhD seminar “Image and Process. Examining the Visual Media of Architecture” convened by Erik Wegerhoff, Chair for The History and Theory of Architecture (Maarten Delbeke), ETH Zürich in cooperation with the Graphische Sammlung, ETH Zürich


Nicolas d`Aujourd`hui – der passionierte Zeichner, Entertainer, Geschichtenerzähler und Illustrator aus Basel – ist am 21. Januar anlässlich der Sonntagsmatinée zur aktuellen Ausstellung der Graphischen Sammlung zu erleben: Spannung und Animation für Kinder und Erwachsene sind garantiert.

Als Figuren- und Geschichtenerfinder lässt Nicolas d`Aujourd`hui gemeinsam mit dem Publikum spannende und witzige Fantasiewelten entstehen. Geschichten und Zeichenprozess verweben sich ad hoc und im Austausch mit dem Zuschauer. In dieser Interaktion gelingt es dem Zeichner spontan, immer neue und kreative Gestalten und Charaktere entstehen zu lassen; aus einer Linie werden Monster, Prinzessinnen oder ein prominenter Kopf, durch ein Stichwort oder eine Antwort aus dem Publikum formt sich der Geschichtenfluss.

Lassen Sie sich diese Gelegenheit, den bekannten Cartoonisten und Comiczeichner live zu erleben, nicht entgehen.